• Company Set-Up?
  • Statutory Company Accounts
  • Profit Extraction Strategy?
  • Company Law & Legal Responsibilities?
  • Filing Deadlines?
  • Tax Angles & Tax Loopholes!
  • What book do you need to Keep?
We will answer all these and many more questions you may have at a FREE Initial Consultation with ourselves - you can ask as many questions as you like, as it is your Free Meeting.

At your Free Session we will discuss:
  • The best way to set-up the Company to gain the maximum Tax advantages and Tax angles in the future.
  • Your legal requirements and responsibilities under the Companies Acts.
  • The importance of having a planned and formal Profit Extraction Strategy to get you the lowest Tax Bills!
  • The 13 different filing deadlines you need to be aware of during the year!
  • Pro-active pre Year-End Tax Planning advice you must have, not just for the Company Year-End, but also for the personal 5th April Tax Year-End!
  • The records you need to keep to satisfy HMRC – we even supply you with a free Excel book-keeping system every year if you become a Client!
Advantages of a Limited Company:
  • Limited Liability -You have limited financial liability, so you only stand to lose what you have invested into the company.
  • Lower Tax Bills - For Profits above say £25,000, then with careful planning, there can be lower Tax Bills compared with a Sole Trader Business.
  • Tax Planning - You can take advantage of specialist Tax Planning Strategies.
  • Ease of Change in Ownership - The ownership of shares within the company is transferred easily by selling shares
  • Business Credibility - can be easier to obtain the larger business contracts.
Disadvantages of a Limited Company:
  • Higher Administration Costs - This is on-going, as you have to file Statutory Annual Accounts at Companies House every year.
  • Published Accounts - You must Publish Annual Accounts at Companies House so anyone can look into your Company Accounts and are able to check certain details of the shareholders.
  • Winding up - For a Limited Company this is more expensive and complex than Sole Trader or Partnership.
  • Profit Extraction - You must have in place a formal Profit Extraction Strategy to avoid problems with the Taxman.
How we Help your Business:

When setting up a Limited Company, it is essential you have the right structure in place from day one. – we will guide and advise you on this, so you can reap the maximum benefits of operating as a Limited Company.

As well as the normal Annual Accounts and Tax work for your Limited Company, we will assess and review each and every year, the benefits of you having your Limited Company.

We also complete most of the on-going statutory Company compliance work for you.

Please Contact Us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, or would like a Free No-obligation Initial Consultation.